Can you find the anomaly? ;)

Can you find the anomaly? 😉

“I was born in a small town in West Virginia. On my birth certificate, in the line for color, I was unidentified…”

Oh boy was I in the hot seat the other day! Standing in front of the microphone re-recording my final narration was a learning experience. I had no idea the mouth was such a noisy creature! Thankfully J. Armen was doing audio editing, so he could edit and de-emphasize the pops, crackles and breath sounds. And objectively help me pick out the best takes!

Overall, it was not nearly as icky as it had seemed in my mind (picture going to the dentist) – the anticipation is worse than the actual experience itself. And I’m so glad/relieved that it sounds much better and more professional than the temporary voiceovers!

P.S. And happy new year to all of you! We hope everyone has a fabulous 2009, and that we’ll see you in person at a screening this year. 🙂  -JCD