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photo by jannem on flickr

photo by jannem on flickr

Anomaly screenings are getting lined up for the spring, and so far, in March we have:

March 2:
DePaul University, Chicago, in the class, “Focal Point: Asian American Cinema,” with Prof. Yvonne Lau

March 3:
DePaul University, Chicago, in the class, “Sophomore Seminar in Multiculturalism: Mixed Race Art and Identity” with Prof. Laura Kina

Both of the courses are part of DePaul’s core curriculum and as such are open to all majors from across the University. To our non-DePaul fans in Chicago: Sorry these are not public screenings! Email us at if you want to host one. 😉

Ongoing thru June 14:
We have clips in the “My Place or Yours: Embracing Mixed Identities” Community Portrait Gallery, Wing Luke Asian Museum, Seattle.

Also of interest, our YouTube video views have surpassed the 10,000 mark! Look for new clips in the coming weeks, including one with poet Thaddeus Rutkowski. -JCD