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Thad Rutkowski (one of the characters in Anomaly), has a daughter, Shay, of Chinese, Polish and Russian roots. Thad recently told me the following story. -JCD


Thad's daughter, Shay, at home in NYC

Thad's daughter, Shay, at home in NYC

Thad: This fall, Shay will be entering fourth grade at N.E.S.T. + M. (New Explorations in Science and Technology, Plus Math), a public school on E. Houston St. in New York City. One of her assignments [in third grade] was to write a biography of a family member, and she chose her maternal grandmother, whom I believe is descended from one of the Russian areas.

When her teacher read the bio, he said, “I thought your mother was Hungarian.”

“No,” Shay said.

“Then why were you in Hungary?”

“We were on vacation,” Shay said. (Actually, we’d gone because I had some readings in Budapest last fall.)

“So let me get this straight. One grandmother is Chinese, and the other grandmother is Russian?”