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We have a few cool links to share related to Anomaly‘s world premiere Dec. 1 & 9 at the African Diaspora Film Festival:

-Check out the ADFF festival trailer, Anomaly is featured circa :37

-Thanks to Kasmore Rhedrick at Arts Engine, for his Three Qs and the Truth series

-Finally, a special thanks to our long-time community friends at Loving Day for Facebook, Twitter, and email updates

Spread the word and see you tomorrow night at the theater!

IMDb logo

IMDb logo

It’s official — ANOMALY is now listed on the fabulous IMDb, the world’s largest online movie database! We’re excited to be adding new stars to the IMDb universe — such as Gabriella and Winnie, Michelle and her family, Pete, Thad, Rona, Eric, Ann, Jen, Michele E., Jennifer, and more! Plus it is a first for many of our crew people. 🙂 IMDb has a strict “verification” process to reject non-industry movies so we’re glad that it all went off without a hitch. -JCD

facebook logoThat’s right, Anomaly is finally on Facebook! A new year’s resolution for 2009. 😉 No, seriously, it’s part of our expansive outreach for the film’s release!

Connect with us by searching for “Anomaly Thefilm” or viewing our profile. See you there! -JCD